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We were born as a technology consulting company. Due to this, we have the DNA of these new times, which allows us to guide companies and professionals in making decisions with certainty and in adopting the most efficient solutions.

A unique technology consulting company, which focuses on the real needs of its clients, experiences the business of each one of them, deeply understands case by case and develops pragmatic solutions, creating high positive impact on results.

We are Sempre IT, guiding and implementing Quality, Infrastructure&Cloud and GRC solutions.

We are Sempre IT, your technology consulting for new times.

Wolves Journeys


At the Sempre IT, we share our portfolio as a Wolves Journeys, as each stage of the life of a Pack resembles a stage of the Digital Transformation of your company. Regardless of the moment your company finds itself, Semper IT has the ideal solution to make your IT work to its full potential, with a team of experts and cutting edge technology.

Sempre Safe was born as the cybersecurity arm of Sempre IT.

Aligned with the best security and performance practices, with a team of certified specialists to always offer the best and most innovative digital protection solutions.



digital transformations
take place in these companies

Home case SAP

SAP Test automation

Big financial institution
The challenge was to deliver quality quickly and automatedly in some SAP modules such as CRM, MM and MDM.

Automation of e-commerce APIs

Payment company
Sempre IT was hired to automate regressive testing of credit card transaction performance to enable real-time access to test results.

Mobile app test automation

Payment company
The goal was to automate the regressive testing of the application used by retailers/merchants, reusing the existing code and developing a unique structure for the iOS and Android platforms.

Regressive testing automation

Loyalty program company
Sempre IT performed the automation of regressive tests, covering the most critical business processes cases in order to make the creation of new test cases more agile and efficient.


Online ticket sales company
In large events the platform presented instability that impaired the navigation of users. Sempre IT was responsible for ensuring the scalability and performance of the portal, balancing the infrastructure cost structure.
Home case chaos

PIX Chaos Engineering

Big financial institution
Sempre IT was selected to analyze the architecture developed for the PIX (Brazilian Instant Payment banking network) transaction system and validate the most critical paths that should have resiliency.


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O DaaS, além de contar com várias características distantes, também trabalha com personalização e tempo de atividade. Os dois pontos, inclusive,

Os impactos da economia de custos com DaaS na sua empresa podem ser maiores do que o imaginado em um primeiro momento.

Com a evolução da tecnologia, micro e pequenas empresas podem acessar ferramentas avançadas para a automatizar os seus processos sem

A segurança com o DaaS causa muitas dúvidas em quem está interessado em adquirir esse tipo de serviço. Por mais

Cada vez mais as informações das empresas são armazenadas digitalmente. Assim, vários dados sensíveis estão na nuvem ou em servidores

Para quem não conhece essa sigla, o DaaS é na tradução literal “Dispositivo como um serviço” (Device as a Service, em


join wolf pack!

tranformacao digital
tranformacao digital
If you are hungry for challenges, knowledge and learning, join the wolves pack!Here at Sempre IT we have a young, diverse, inclusive and energetic environment for you to use and develop your full potential. We operate in several areas of technology and are present in large companies in the most diverse segments. In addition, we offer market-compliant salaries and benefits.




According to ISG, Sempre IT is a leader in continuous testing as per the isg provider lens™ next-gen application development and maintenance services 2022 brazil study.

In 2021, we were a Rising Star, now the Rising Star shone even brighter and became a Leader!

ISG is a leading global knowledge generation company and has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of its industry's leading companies. ISG is present in more than 40 countries and have analyzed more than 42,000 companies.

The "ISG Provider Lens™ Next-Gen ADM Services" study analyzes relevant software vendors/service providers in Brazil, based on a multiphase analysis and research process. It ranks these suppliers based on the ISG Research methodology.

Download the full study report and find out why ISG places Always IT as a Leader in Continuous Testing.

tranformacao digital

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