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Set of methodologies and good practices that aims to create a good interaction between people and products / platforms, providing a great using experience and a better perception of the company's brand.


Products optimization (database, middleware, service bus, storage, servers, etc.) in multi-layer applications, aiming to extend the life of the components, focusing on bottlenecks, slowness and analysis of higher resource consumption.


Ensure that any modification does not affect the functioning of your system, using regression tests, both manual and automated.


Chaos engineering

Destroy your system on purpose, discover weaknesses and fix them, before that happens without you waiting. This methodology is called Chaos Engineering.


RPA (Robotic Process Automation), consists of the automation of tasks via software. The so-called robots, navigate between applications and perform actions so as to achieve replace repetitive and operational tasks that do not require the use of judgment, reason or human feeling. The RPA has benefits in order to automate activities in which they are normally performed by people, who lose hours of work performing monotonous activities, becoming exhausting over time. In addition to significantly reducing time, it significantly reduces the number of errors and failures, undoubtedly a powerful way to optimize processes with high precision requirements.


Enable the approach of IT with business to provide more value with agility and quality.

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