Creation of integrated & continuous development life cycles among diverse technologies, remodeling governance models, quality and operations, also promoting improvement cycles.


    With greater agility and lower costs, your application will be exploited by testers around the world through the best browsers and operating systems


    Regression testing with coverage automation. Functional and Performance testing with requirements management (functional and non-functional). Implementation of tools and rules for unit tests automation and source code improvements, aiming security, scalability & maintainability criteria. Physical or virtual deviceFarm creation for simultaneous and automated testing of mobile phones, tablets and others on Android and Apple platforms.


    Bots development based on cognitive technologies for business or internal operations process automation, integrating tools, flows and users in a natural way, reducing friction and team’s learning curve on the daily tasks execution.


    Projection of computational resources based on business projections or consumption trends, anticipating future computational and systemic bottlenecks. Analysis of products and components obsolescence, oriented to technological and architectural updating.


    Testing in mainframe is defined as application test (job batch) compare to test cases using requirements. Applications that run on the mainframe can be accessed through a terminal emulator, so the testing process involves run job batch for certain implemented functionality, and the test result extracted from the output and database files is checked and logged.


    Mainframe is a high speed computer system and performance. It is used for large-scale computing purposes, which requires high availability and security where a huge amount of data is processed several times. Sempre IT build automated tests for
    this systems using a framework that test and validate this data, guaranteeing the system quality.